Thursday, March 30, 2006

A close friend of mine had a friend of his pass away recently. It's very tragic. Yet through this tragedy, I considered a possible career in a new light. Such is the effect of tragedy on those not affected by the deep sadness of tragedy; we see something old in a new light.

Probate lawyers prepare wills and occasionally push wills through the probate process. My mother has been named my grandmother's executor, and she is thereby forced to deal with many aspects of my grandmother's estate that are emotionally draining and difficult for her. Perhaps a probate lawyer could handle these more efficiently and with less emotional drain for the client. But--would this really be a feasible opportunity? Could a probate lawyer spend his/her time inventorying objects and arranging it so that each beneficiary got their share?

It's an idea anyway. Never forget: lawyers are the grease of society.

Monday, March 27, 2006

For those of you who have been faithful readers of Protester Sans Protest, I have added an additional blog called "Alico Dreams" to represent my own fickle, whimsical, and short-lived dreams of various kinds. That is the purpose of this blog, but as with most blogs, the purpose will probably be short-lived (like most of my other dreams).

Dream #1 - I want to own the Alico Building. The Alico Building presently stands as the largest building in McLennan County at a whopping 22 storeys. It is famous for having withstood the famous 1953 Waco tornado (either the worst or second worst natural disaster in recorded Texas history!), although the honest historian will admit that the tornado destroyed buildings across the street from the Alico Building but did not itself touch the Alico Building. Rumor has it that the building (in all its dizzying height) actually swayed with tornadic winds, but no permanent structural damage was wreaked.

Last November I wandered the Riverwalk of San Antonio and became inspired to push my hometown further than it's been pushed. This past weekend, I drove through Dallas/Fort Worth. (Wright is Wrong!) Let's give peace a chance, eh? Maybe next year Lady Bears.