Thursday, March 30, 2006

A close friend of mine had a friend of his pass away recently. It's very tragic. Yet through this tragedy, I considered a possible career in a new light. Such is the effect of tragedy on those not affected by the deep sadness of tragedy; we see something old in a new light.

Probate lawyers prepare wills and occasionally push wills through the probate process. My mother has been named my grandmother's executor, and she is thereby forced to deal with many aspects of my grandmother's estate that are emotionally draining and difficult for her. Perhaps a probate lawyer could handle these more efficiently and with less emotional drain for the client. But--would this really be a feasible opportunity? Could a probate lawyer spend his/her time inventorying objects and arranging it so that each beneficiary got their share?

It's an idea anyway. Never forget: lawyers are the grease of society.

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