Monday, June 12, 2006

Adapt and Endure

One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is the Greatest American Lawyer blog.  He recently posted about "Adaptability as a New World Trait" discussing how the "new world lawyer" will be able to adapt to any new situation seamlessly and easily.  I have two goals as a lawyer: (1) make money so I don't have to worry about bills and (2) work a 40-hour work week (or as close to that as possible).  Do I think this is possible?  Yes.  James Gould Cozzens said that the first test of intelligence is figuring out the easiest way to make a lot of money (paraphrased of course).  Anyway, I plan on figuring out how to make bookoos (should be spelled "beaucoups") of money with very little effort.  One characteristic of effort is that things we enjoy are easier than things we do not enjoy.  Unenjoyable things require much more effort than things we enjoy.  Thus, very tentatively, my plan is this: (1) do some criminal work using my laptop and visiting my cliens at jail or at public meeting places; (2) do some family law work meeting my clients at my office; (3) do some wills/probate work meeting clients at their homes or other public meeting places; and (4) do insurance defense at my office.  I hope not to be tied down to my office but to have all the mobility the future promises.  (I also hope that Sprint's crazy mobility stuff will work out so that you can get internet freakin' anywhere.)

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