Saturday, October 14, 2006

Prof K's Dog

I don't really know the story of Pavlov's dog, but I understand that he trained his dogs to eat food whenever they heard a bell, regardless of whether they were hungry. I, ma'am, am Prof. K's dog.

I discovered it yesterday. I volunteered at least three times this week to discuss cases. (Or was it just twice? It all fades together. Three is more impressive. Maybe I really volunteered seventeen times . . .) My bell is Prof K saying "Any volunteers for ______?" Bam. My arm extends before I can think "Do I even really know anything about this case?" I think I have a problem. Maybe I should start attending CVA (KVA?).*

Didn't Pavlov end up killing his dog?

*Ed. note - As far as I know, there are no contracts volunteers anonymous groups meeting at this time. If anyone knows of any, please advise.


ALV said...

But hey, didn't you have the suprisingly awesome random knowledge about famous SC justices? Half of the class had glazed over eyes, and the other half had "WTF?" faces. You should be impresed. :)

Thomas said...

Volunteering is fun! And you can't die from it! Look at Chicago, he is alive and healthy!