Monday, August 20, 2007

Tax Free Weekend + New Content

I have two things I've been wanting to say for a few days. First, I hope you'll notice my new content over there on the right. I call it "The Metablog." Google Reader (my new aggregator) lets me share articles and posts them right there, easy as pie. I hope you enjoy it.

And number 2. Let me tell you what tax-free weekend means to me: running out of ice. The first tax-free weekend that I worked, I was the lead closer at the Subway in the Mall. We were so dadgum busy that we ran out of ice. I had to run to the store on 19th Street to get some (and they would only let me take two ice chests full). That was about 4 o'clock. Then we ran out again, but thankfully, it was closer to closing. I've heard of restaurants running out of ice because the machine was broken, but that's the only time I've ever heard of an operational and fully functionining ice machine running out just because the restaurant was so dang busy.

I made sure to ask that day off the next year.


Yee said...

I was never allowed to even think about taking tax free weekend off. Express at Northpark had about $60K in sales on the Saturday of last year's tax free weekend. I rung up about 1/4 of that. So tax free weekend reminds me of 12 hour shifts in heels, waiting on very cranky customers with several kids in tow.

At least, that is until this year. Now it can remind me of Waco shopping, which is usually the bane of my existence, and its relatively uncrowded stores and not having to wait until after closing time to make ill-advised, exhaustion-driven tax free purchases, even if it is 20% off too.

avacadojer said...

Well . . . I cheated. I was going off to college and they didn't exactly know when. Was it so wrong to push it up a few days?