Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Quarterly Narcissism

I'm always interested in what other people are studying. I think it says a lot about a person (even beyond their interests). So I wonder what this tells you about me--

  • Business Organizations II -- The sequel to the thrilling Bizzorg I. Actually, I really enjoyed Bizzorg I, which culminated fittingly enough with perhaps the funnest exam since Torts I. I left feeling like a boxer who leaves the ring after the 12th round not entirely sure how the judges will score but glad he wasn't knocked out. Unfortunately, that also means you didn't knock out your opponent.
  • Federal Courts -- Taught by an eminent blogger, I thought this would be a helpful class, especially the more I get to know myself and what I want to do. Unlike most of my blogging comrades, I am growing more and more interested in business-type litigation: tax, bankruptcy, corporate issues. The fed courts do tax and bankruptcy (though I don't think we cover them specifically in this class), so it should help in the long run.
  • Corporate Tax -- I don't think I even have to explain myself on this one. Why wouldn't you take Corporate Tax? What? You think corporate law is the most boring possible use of time and tax somehow exceeds that? Well, I think you're wrong.*
  • Constitutional Law -- Because it's required. And because the prof has been teaching it since before the major leagues got divisions, before the Super Bowl, almost before major professional sports came to Texas. If that's not amazing, nothing is.
  • Immigration Law -- ¡Somos todos Americanos!

Who's with me?

*Maybe after finals I'll blog about why business law is the best out there.


v said...

I'm with you in Biz Org II and Con Law, but I'm taking Individual Tax instead of Corporate.

And I'm glad you're taking Immigration. It suits you.

Justin said...

Mr. Masten,

Con. Law, Fed. Courts, Environmental Law, ADR, and Products Liability will be on my plate for the Winter Quarter.

alv said...

Dude, you and I are totally and completely different people, you know that? I'll see you in Con Law - and that is all. I mean, I need to know the big business type stuff, as I do hope to sell my soul to the corporate machine after graduation so that I can have nice stuff... but I don't plan on enjoying it. :-p

(Bus Lit, Employment Discrimination, Estate Planning, Con Law, and ADR -- also, what I think is hilarious is how "Lit" used to mean literature... ah, those were the days.)

Jeremy Masten said...

I was hoping that BLS offered a class on bus lit. You know, literature written on or about buses. I'd sign up.

Justin said...

Bus Lit. would undoubtedly be taught by Prof. Bates. Well, with guest appearances by Prof. Osler.

Jeremy Masten said...

If Prof. Bates taught it--I'm signing up twice.

And President Scott--Are you going to be an environmental lawyer? Don't you remember the wjc telling us that cute baby seals don't pay much?

Justin said...

Your statement regarding Prof. Bates reminds me of Lt. Sam Weinberg's encouragement of Lt. Daniel Kaffee in "A Few Good Men".

Lt. Weinberg: "Dan, if I had to choose between you and your Dad, I pick you every day of the week and twice on Sunday."

I'm really not sure what that means, but perhaps you and Lt. Weinberg can enlighten me.

P.S. Baby seals are yesterday's news. Baby otters? That's where all the hot litigation is these days.

Anonymous said...


Looks like I'll be chumming it with you and Preston in fed courts and Conn Law, but I think I'll be skipping the corporate tax for some individual tax. good luck!

See you in the a.m.


Yee said...

Bus. Org. II
Individual Tax
Estate Planning
Con. Law

Bankruptcy getting canceled has plunged my wonderful little schedule into the abyss of darkness. I'm very traumatized. *sigh* Well, I'll see you somewhat then.