Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rangers (and their fans) Are Awesome

Fascinating.  Yahoo! published a Forbes article describing a study that shows that:

Cubs fans are some of the most loyal in baseball.

But they’re no Texas Rangers fans, who flock to the Arlington ballpark through last place finishes and playoff runs alike. The Ranger faithful don’t care if the team trades away its best players or spends $252 million to sign an MVP-caliber batter like Alex Rodriguez. No team’s attendance is less tied to its on the field performance than the Rangers’, and nowhere else in the country do fans peel off at a slower rate when the club has thin years.

Bam.  Just so my fellow Rangers fans can brag, the ranking was about like this:

  1. 1.  Rangers
  2. 2.  Red Sox
  3. 3.  Braves
  4. 4.  Cubs
  5. 5.  Pirates
  6. 6.  Blue Jays
  7. 7.  Brewers
  8. 8.  Cardinals
  9. 9.  Orioles
  10. 10.  Padres
  11. [unknown, but includes the Dodgers, Giants, Royals, White Sox, Reds]
  12. 16.  Marines
  13. 17.  Mets
  14. 18.  Indians
  15. 19.  Astros
  16. 20.  Yankees
  17. 21.  Phillies
  18. 22.  Twins
  19. 23.  A's
  20. 24.  Tigers
  21. 25.  Angels
  22. The Expos/Nationals, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Rays, and Rockies were ignored for insufficient data.

You see---it takes a real baseball fan to love the Rangers.  The rest of you are fair weather fans.

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