Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quarter 9 Beckons

I registered for my ninth and final quarter of law school today.  So close, I can smell it.  Here is my beautiful schedule:

  • Client Counseling.  This is a class I've been meaning to take.  I think I can benefit a lot from a class like this, and I plan to extract everything I can out of it.
  • Advanced Criminal Procedure.  I've been avoiding taking this class, but I finally decided that it may be beneficial for a lot of reasons.  I wrote my article about a statute in the Texas Penal Code, and I thought the issues in criminal law were really interesting.  This past summer, I spent six weeks working in a criminal section of the Department of Justice, and I thought the viscerality of criminal law was compelling, even in such a cold area as tax fraud.  So here we go---learning about double jeopardy.
  • Criminal Practice & Procedure.  This should be a really interesting class full of practical learning.  It will complement Advanced Criminal Procedure.
  • Civil Liberties.  Another class I've been avoiding, I think this will be a very helpful class.  I feel the need to vindicate myself after my showing in Con Law.  Go 14th Amendment!

And that, my friends, is it.  For those of you keeping track at home, this means I won't have classes on Mondays.  Which means, most importantly, that I will have time to look for a job in the foreign land of Maryland.  If you know anybody looking, let me know.


ALV said...

Masten! We don't have ANY classes together next quarter! This makes me sad.

Anonymous said...


We will have three of those classes together. Let's sit in the back row and make fun of all the pre-pc kids who actually read the cases.


Jeremy Masten said...

You guys . . . ::sniff, sniff:: . . . I was afraid I'd lost all my readership during my PC-induced hiatus . . .

ALV--Maybe if you signed up for better classes, we'd have some classes together.

Mikearoni--Let's do it. Let's get our post-PC forcefields and live it up like the juniors-becoming-seniors in Dazed and Confused.

Anonymous said...

I am taking all of those classes too!!! Fun times!


Anonymous said...

What? When did you decide to move to MD? Are you and Springman going to be law partners?

- Chicago

Alan said...

That's a great schedule. You should dominate in Crim Prac & Pro. Motion hearing? Pshhh - you've vindicated the Waco Tribune-Herald.