Monday, April 20, 2009

Hoop Dreams

A few days ago, I told you---in complete serious---my picks for the NBA playoffs.  Today, I share with you my "Hoop Dreams"---the teams that would win in the world of my dreams.

But first, let me say that an awesome NBA Finals would be Lebron stuffing Kobe and giving him a swirly.  I think a sweep would be cooler than a 7-game back-n-forth.  But I just can't stomach the Lakers walking through the West.  

So here we go.

Eastern Conference, First Round
  • Cleveland over Detroit
  • Chicago over Boston
  • Philly over Orlando
  • Atlanta over Miami
Western Conference, First Round
  • Utah over L.A.
  • N'awlins over Denver
  • Santonio over Fort Worth
  • Houston over Portland
Eastern Conference Semifinals
  • Toughie.  I like Cleveland over Atlanta, but I wish they could play in the Eastern Conference Finals.
  • Chicago over Philly, but I don't really care.  Chicago just because they'd be a funner matchup for Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals
Western Conference Semifinals
  • Utah over Houston (the I-10 Rivalry is still alive)
  • Santonio over N'awlins (could this be another I-10 Rivalry?)
Conference Finals
  • East: Cleveland over Chicago
  • West: Santonio muting the Jazz
NBA Finals: Gosh.  I'm torn.  This is why you can't always get what you want.  I want the Spurs to take another championship, but I also sympathize with Lebron's Quest.  Well, I said I'm torn, but I'm not.

Go Spurs Go!


Anonymous said...

Oh, another thing. If you're moving to Maryland and going to be a Wizards fan, you can't like Cleveland and not only can you not like LeBron, but you have to hate him.


Jeremy Masten said...

Do I have to like Kobe? That could be a dealbreaker . . .

Anonymous said...

No, feel free to be ambivalent towards him or dislike him or whatever you want. Just LeBron.