Monday, September 07, 2009

Twilight (movie): 7/10

After reading all four books in the Twilight Saga and watching the first movie, I have a new theory about Stephenie Meyer. She's a science-fiction fanboygirl who got tired of being the only girl at sci-fi conventions. In this, she is like Matthew Fox, who got tired of being the only cool guy at sci-fi conventions.

I also want to note that Stephenie Meyer and I have similar taste in music. (Ergo, she is also like Matthew Fox in that she is cool.) She credits Muse with inspiring the entire saga. Muse is an incredible band, whom you should listen to. The great songs "Invincible" and "Knights of Cydonia" are my favorites, as well as "Starlight" and most---but not all---the others on their debut album are well worth the investment.


Yee said...

We all know the staple of sci-fi conventions is seeing who has the best costume. What are the "Twilight" people going to do? Wear black clothes, roll around in body glitter and sulk in the corner?

"Twilight" is to sci-fi like "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is to slapstick comedy - sure, there's an orangutan involved, but that doesn't define the genre.

And yes, I did just compare Edward Cullen to an orangutan.


Jeremy Masten said...

You are spot on. They have no good costumes---at least not in the first book. I can imagine a few later characters as inspiring costumes, mostly villains.

But more importantly, Twilight is supposed to be the gateway. The fangirls will hear that Robert Pattinson will be at Comic Con 2010, so they flock to San Diego or wherever. They don't know yet they're supposed to wear costumes. Then Stephenie Meyer will have other girls to hang out with. Or at least to make her feel less weird while she waits in line at the Orson Scott Card, X-Men, and Douglas Adams tables.

And those girls will find their Edward dressed up as Golem or Chewbacca. And everybody wins (: