Monday, November 20, 2006


One more word about embarrassment; then I'm through.

If you are or were a law student at any law school practicing the beloved Socratic method, then you have been embarrassed. Maybe your embarrassment is of the academic variety (think of the painful, wrenching birth pangs as we all watched Milwaukee struggle with who bears the burden of persuasion at summary judgment), or maybe it's of the social variety (remember when Prof. Property answered property questions that popped up on Swanburg's blog?). The bottom line is, law school = embarrassment. God knows I've been embarrassed too many times since I started law school. Because law school = embarrassment, you don't get sympathy for embarrassment in law school any more than you get sympathy for being a law student. Nobody feels bad for you because your pain is nothing special. In fact, I've noticed that I'll say something stupid in class and mention it later on to my friends, and they weren't even paying attention.* When you get no sympathy for your embarrassment, you get mad. I say: get over it. Milwaukee's still alive. Swanburg's still alive. I'm still alive. You may get some empathy, but there will be no sympathy.

*Ed. Note - All of my friends always pay attention to the professors. They zone out, however, whenever I talk.


Mark S. said...

Hmmm. What a loser. And a baby. In the real world, when millions of dollars, familes, businesses, people's lives are at stake, the costs of any given mistake or misstep can be enormous. And be assured that the free market will not coddle, forgive, or be sympathetic and forgiving to you. It will justly reward and punish you. Forget to file for a patent on a new drug for the drug company you work for, screw up a pre-nup, have a man/woman lose custody of their child because of your mistake or misstep, and you will be fired, a new (lesser) reputation will be born, or, in extreme cases, you may be disbarred. So, I say suck it up, understand what the real world is about (Baylor kids, oy) and know that nothing will shield you from ill once you're in it.

Mark S. said...

Oh yes. And be that guy that gets fired and goes and rants online about your company. Be the guy hanging around in the parking lot, screaming at current employees and prospective employees. Then be the guy that goes postal. Because that guy is a winner.