Saturday, December 02, 2006

Did her hair grow 18 inches overnight?

Plano keeps telling me to post. Here you go, sir. If this post sucks, it's not my fault.

Startling news: Milwaukee has pants. Yee has started a blog. She's got a cool Chinese husband (his parents were born there I think), though I've never spoken to him. Oh--and although I'm at the bottom of her list of links, I was one of the first three. Man I love this whole name-starting-with-an-A deal: you're first in line for everything! Finally, What Not to Wear has been on for 25 minutes and they've just now gotten rid of all her old clothes. Is that normal?

Has anybody seen the classic Dead Poets' Society? If you haven't, stop immediately and go watch it. Anyway, Robin Williams plays a once-rebellious boarding school student who returns to his alma mater to teach English. The key thing he tries to teach his students is how to suck the marrow out of life. I've been trying to figure out exactly what that means.

Here's my theory today: whatever you're doing, do it with everything you've got. There are religious reasons for doing so, but I think the most fundamental reason to do so is because that's how you know you're alive. Don't just be, do. Take control of your life. Read Contracts because you want to; volunteer in Criminal Law even though you know you're probably wrong; stand on your desk and tell the world "O Captain my Captain!"

Last bit of interesting news. 25 points to anybody who can guess the only baseball team to ever play a game in shorts ('80s style hot pants, no less). Give up? Milwaukee's Chisox*. How ironic.

*Note--Milwaukee tells me he's from the northside and hence a Cubs fan. It's fitting, but not nearly as ironic. The Cubs never played in shorts.


krj said...

Glad you found Dead Poets. I used to show it to my students and my last day of class, my freshmen AP kids stood on their desks for me. Ahh, no finer glory. Carpe diem.

ThePlanoTruth said...

Alico, thanks for the post.

Your blog has inspired me to create my own.

Yee said...

For some reason, it's not letting me leave a comment, so if you end up with 3... well, that's why.

You were one of the first three, although I've since rearranged them a bit. And Jon is pretty cool. I should post a picture of him and disprove Prof Torts' claim that married couples look alike.

What Not to Wear is my favorite show! They're so sadistic. They do indeed throw out all of your clothes. During a NYC winter once, they refused to let this girl keep her ugly-ass coat (and rightly so) and she had to walk around in long sleeves only. It was awesome.