Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is he real?

There's a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as revolutionizing American politics in 2008. I agree with my revered colleague, President Scott, as to Obama's potential to bring out the politics in our generation.

But John Edwards may be where it's at. If the linked article in Newsweek can be trusted and all this stuff he's spouting is real, he may be the best thing to come around in presidential politics since FDR.

Why doesn't anybody really care about the Republican candidates?


Anonymous said...

I think their mothers or wives or girlfriends probably care, ok maybe you're right.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I disagree with that comment. Although I do believe that this presidential primary for the Republicans can be as pivotal as the primaries leading to the selection of Barry Goldwater as the 1964 Presidential candidate. We will see what happens this time, but all the R. frontrunners seems to be liberal to moderate- from the ex-NYC mayor, to a AZ senator. The more conservative candidates, such as Huckabee and Brownback, don't seem to stand a chance. I, personally, am voting for Ron Paul in the primaries.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I doubt that Obama is electable at a national level...he is pretty statist and I doubt that he will be able to appeal to constituancies akin to his supporters in Illinois- and before someone mentions that he won by 60 something percent, Alan Keyes, well a fine man, was a deeply conservative man, running in a very liberal state. Anyhow, as I said earlier, Ron Paul in 2008!

Sorry for the long post... said...

It's way too early to heave heavy doubts on a guy with as much appeal as Barack Obama. The guy is so fresh, albeit w/ obvious downsides like lack of experience and his skin color (which will hurt him as well, like it or not). However, w/ his charisma and uplifting message of hope and opportunity he will be a very effective candidate. Take a look at his favorability ratings on pollingreport.com; although he does not have great name recognition at this point, the vast majority of those who know him like him.
On the Republican side Rudy would be extremely difficult to beat in a general election. Can he get out of the primary? That will be the question.

To answer your question Jeremy nobody really cares b/c they are boring. Who wants to listen to McCain talk about war w/ Iran (not a mistype) when they can listen to Hilary talk about evil men while obviously referencing her husband?