Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Triple Digits

So this is it: number 100. The link there is to a post written by one of the smartest people I've ever known.

A few years back, I spent my fall semester doing an independent study-type thing on the interplay of faith and reason. I came to the conclusion that all knowledge, at some point, comes to a question of faith. No matter what you believe, if you go back far enough or deep enough, there's something there that's irrational. Or in Roarkian tradition, "a-rational." So, in a sense, even science is founded on an a-rational belief system. Stealing Descartes's illustration, how do the scientists (or the preachers) know they aren't being tricked by some malicious demon? Can you really trust your senses? All this to say: nobody knows anything. As my profs say everyday near finals time: the right answer is only a very tiny part of it; it's all in how you get there.

And in more exciting news: the Cubs won today 1-0 on a good old-fashioned 3-hit shutout by Jason Marquis. I point this out for two reasons: (1) because, when was the last time you heard of any pitchter completing a game? and (2) because the only run scored was on Alfonso Soriano's leadoff homerun. He struck out in his other three at-bats. That's awesome.

In other news: I've been out of baseball for 13 years, but I still hate the Yankees. It's good to know that some things never change.


Prof. Property said...

You should come by the 1:00 property class today. We're watching the rest of the documentary on the 73rd Barry Bonds home run ball (Popov v. Hayashi case) and discussing if the court's decision was the correct decision.

Anonymous said...

mikearoni says,

congratulations on no. 100. We have been eagerly awaiting it. Go cubbies!

Craig Pankratz said...

Hey, I didn't want to put this on your newest post, but it refers to it. "Tres anos" means three anuses. You might want to put the eñe over the n.


avacadojer said...

Thanks Craig! I'm always worried about little things like tildes totally changing the meaning of what I'm trying to say.