Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back in the Alico

People start blogging because they want to be heard. We want to be entertaining and funny, but we also want to be controversial and serious. We reel you in with funny stories and try to pull you into the boat so you can hear our serious discourse. But I don't feel like posting the obligatory ruminative end-of-first-year post. I don't want to talk about long journeys we've taken, how I'm a smarter, bigger, more mature person than I was a year ago, how I now recognize that IRAC is the secret weapon that separates the lawyers from the laypeople. Instead, I want to make two comments.

First, Osler doesn't trust me with a flamethrower. That's not surprising. What is surprising, though, is that he put me on the non-trusting list . . . above Chicago. So I'm thinking: the list is obviously not in alphabetical order--could it be in order of untrustworthiness? Does Osler trust me with a flamethrower less than he trusts Chicago? Am I the only one who remembers the Great Chicago Fire? Sure, sure, blame it on the cows. Typical Chicago fashion.

Second, I am one step closer to my plan to own the Alico Building: I am clerking this summer for a law firm located on the twelfth floor of Waco's Sears Tower. Interestingly, each floor has only one bathroom, either a men's or a women's. It appears that men get the even-numbered floors and women get the odd-numbered floors. I assume that back in the day, people shared bathrooms more freely, but I don't know. Does anybody have any ideas why they would do it that way?


Yee said...

I lived in a dorm like that. I would have used the boys bathroom (on my floor) more often if it wasn't disgusting. The girls bathroom was disgusting too, but usually only on weekends and at least it was more familiarly disgusting. I'm sure they did it to be more economical though. Although with double the traffic of two floors going to their gender's bathroom instead of just one, it got disgusting a lot faster. Which meant the cleaning crew got angry and charged us extra on our housing bills. And no, I'm not kidding. Isn't that sad?

Anonymous said...

Mayoroni here

If it's any comfort, I would trust you with a flamethrower before Chicago . . . I think.

And on the uni-sex/alternating floor bathrooms: perhaps when the building was built, very few female employees? I don't know how old Waco's version of angkor wat is, but maybe it is a vestige of patriarchal design structure. or maybe having only one bathroom per floor was a because doing so was the only way they knew how to run the plumbing up a building that tall at the time.

Rock on

Mark Osler said...

You are correct-- I would trust Chicago more with a flamethrower more than I trust you with one. I think there is a good chance Chicago would use it for cooking, and that would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Sure- think of the uses of the flamethrowner at the law school

1. Cherry Jubilee to go with the Dr. Pepper float day.
2. Throw some burgers on a baking sheet, and blast away- instant charburgers.
3. Put a gyros cone on a spit next to the Gummi Bear- hit it with the flamethrower from the other side, and wait for the metal to glow (radiate heat)- instant Gyros cooker!


Anonymous said...

P.S. Do not be envious of my home city- Jerusalem on the Brazos is a picturesque city, set upon the majestic Brazos River, in a lush and verdant region of your state.