Saturday, October 20, 2007

See these bags under my eyes?

This is downright amazing. Baylor is ranked number 3 in the nation for most hours spent preparing for class on average. We are highest in Texas, and the only one in the top 25. More interesting, though, perhaps, is a look at the bottom 25, which includes Virginia (147), Harvard (151), UCLA (157), NYU (158), Yale (162), and U of Texas (169!*). But let's look at the real numbers:
  • Baylor = 5.68 hours per day spent studying.
  • Virginia = 3.77
  • Harvard = 3.74
  • UCLA = 3.58
  • NYU = 3.56
  • Yale = 3.50
  • U of Texas = 3.23

Wow. I'm really not sure what to think about this.

*Only North Carolina Central is lower, with a paltry 2.52 hours per day.


Anonymous said...

We are also ranked number 2 in the top 10 most competitive schools category. Which makes me wonder why, when I asked the administrators if this was a competive school, they told me "not at all." Yeah, right.

avacadojer said...

I gotta say, tho--we don't have people cutting pages out of library books or anything. Which makes me wonder--just how anti-competitive are some schools?

alv said...

I think you can be competitive without being a douche -- I agree that we're very competitive, we're just not all blatant assholes, and I think that's a good thing. You want to do the best you possibly can, you want a great grade, and that might mean that the person next to you *wont* get a great grade. But you don't have to spill coffee on their laptop (douchebaggery) - you just bust your balls at working really freaking hard (competitiveness), hence the billion hours of studying, gray hair, and ulcers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I really don't buy that baylor is "more competitive." What? do people at other law schools just not try? I don't believe that. I know people that go to other law schools and they bitch about studying just as much as we do. But I do see two areas that set us apart. 1.) We spend more time studying because we have more finals. 50% more a year. At BLS it is always either finals or about to be finals. 2.) We have to kill ourelves during 3rd year PC while 3L's at other schools play golf.