Sunday, October 07, 2007

What a beautiful world

There's a song they're playing on my radio station called "Underdog." The chorus says, "You have no fear of the underdog--that's why you will not survive." This is the weekend of the underdog.

The Yankees are getting smashed by the Indians. UT lost to Oklahoma. USC lost to Stanford (you just can't beat the Pythagorean defense). Call me whatever you like, but I love it when the giants are shaken.


Yee said...

Officially mad at you. UT was the under-dog in that game.

avacadojer said...

I'm not glad Oklahoma won, but I am glad UT is realizing they didn't invent football.

If it makes you feel better, HPU lost to Texas Lutheran on a last-minute-touchdown. We're 0-5.

Sting'm 'Jackets!