Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nobody's too sophisticated for Calvin & Hobbes

Now I'm sure that most of my readers don't even have to guess who this little kid is, but it has come to my attention that there is a significant lack of familiarity with Calvin and Hobbes at Baylor Law School. I'm not sure what English majors in Lubbock read, but apparently they grow up eating food like Calvin's mom made and don't even know it. In Division III, we wait until college to eat this stuff.


v said...

Gross! For you information I never have eaten anything that looks remotely like that.

And in Division I schools like mine our food is pretty and neatly divided so that none of the different foods touch each other. We keep our foods segregated out in West Texas.

avacadojer said...

At HPU, we had tater tot casserole that looked a lot like that. Eyes and everything. It was e x c e l l e n t. The best thing they served.