Monday, July 16, 2007

Madness, I tell you

Apparently, there are too many lawyers in Wisconsin. The solution? Shut down the public law school by cutting off funding. That is pure madness.


Anonymous said...

mikearoni here,

I don't know. that assemblyman might just have a point. If we didn't have lawyers, people wouldn't get into accidents that cause personal injury; screw up their marriages and need divorces; or any of the other bad stuff caused by shysters like we all want to be.

Anonymous said...

Dear Masten,
How will there necessarily be a correlation between the reduction of funding for the public law school and the decrease in the amount of lawyers- yes, I know that the assemblyman said that was his goal, but those of us at Baylor prove that many are willing to pay far more than we would pay at a public law school? And Mike, your sarcasm is biting yet again.