Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I ran across this post today. Apparently, in some parts of America, you can't walk into the courthouse wearing shirts talking about f***ing. Talk about selective reporting. This is a perfect example of civil rights being violated without a thought by those who actually have power: the enforcer. This should be front page news, but my paper hasn't reported on it yet.*

* I don't have any idea whether this actually violates the First Amendment since I haven't taken Con Law or Civ Lib. I really only posted about this because I thought the T-shirt was funny.


Yee said...

That's actually really funny.

Um, I'd rather not get into obscenity and First Amendment issues... again. But I will say that this is not weird at all. The judges in Dallas federal court will throw you out for wearing a tank top or shorts. So I really think it has little to do with free speech at all and it's about judges wanting their court to receive its due respect. Even in state misdemeanor court, the judge told one young woman that she would "have to wear longer shorts to come back in court again".

Still, I don't have the guts to wear that sort of shirt anywhere... I do have one that says "You suck and that's sad" with a sad bunny on it, but that's about my limit. Even then, I don't wear it if I'm going anywhere more prestigious than Walgreens.

avacadojer said...

Once, the court in Brownwood adopted a new dress code. It specifically disallowed "thongs." Apparently, the judge meant flip-flops, but there was an outcry among the local bar: "Why do they care what underwear I wear to court?!"