Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Content

My frequent readers will realize that I have added some new content on the right side of this site. It's called "Cruisin' USA" (yes, in honor of the classic arcade game), and it has links to some dream road trips I have. Right now--as I'm typing this--there is only one link (West Coast Trip), but I plan to add more. Please feel free to make your own trip and put it in the comments. I'm interested to see where everybody would want to go.

My dream West Coast Trip has the following key destinations:
- Roswell, NM
- the Grand Canyon
- the Hoover Dam
- Death Valley
- Sequoia National Park
- the Golden Gate Bridge
- the Salinas Valley (the setting for East of Eden).

Where would you go?


Yee said...

No redwood forest?

avacadojer said...

Sequoia National Park doesn't count?

avacadojer said...

Sequoia National Park doesn't count?

Anonymous said...

mikeanesa here,

If we're including places on the way to the west coast, I would want to consider adding painted desert/petrified forest and maybe a trip up the PCH and alcatraz. but defeinitely include everything you've got.

As far as redwood forest or Sequoia national Park? goes: I don't know if they're the same-- but isn't one really bigass tree pretty much like any other?