Saturday, December 08, 2007

Democratic Triumvirate

President Scott first posted about this test a few days ago. Kudos to him for paying a lot of attention. I promised my Democratic results, and here they are:
  1. Barack Obama (18 points)
  2. Chris Dodd (17 points) (very surprising to me)
  3. Bill Richardson (16 points) (also very surprising)
  4. John Edwards (10 points) (disappointing)
  5. Hillary Clinton (5 points) (not surprising at all)
Come on President Scott--and my other faithful readers--where are your blue results?


Justin said...

Even though you asked for it, you may not like what you see:

Hillary Clinton (8 pts.)
Bill Richardson (7 pts.)
Chris Dodd (5 pts.)
Barack Obama (3 pts.)
John Edwards (2 pts.)

That was not a good way to start a Saturday.

Dylan said...

I took only the democratic version, and while Barack came out on top, I felt that the possible choices to many questions were all the same. And though certain issues might have been important to me, I was less than enthused about all of their answers to some questions. So I just don't know.

Yee said...

I took both. John Edwards was front-runner with the Democrats, which saddens me because I don't hate him like the others, and yet he'll never get the nomination. Mitt Romney was the leader with the Republicans, which made me want to go puke.

There were several times during both surveys where I literally growled at the screen. (The Republican version once made me yell at it though.)

I stand by my oft-repeated statement from before I took these depressing tests - they all suck, they all are talking sock monkeys who say the same thing as the next guy, and I'm probably not voting.

Anonymous said...


Well, i took your little blue quiz. Bill Richardson got the highest numbers, followed closely by Edwards and Hillary. But I have to say it was difficult to pick an answer to the questions because on almost every single question, they said exactly the same thing-even more so than the Republican quiz, I thought. So, I tried to pick an answer, when possible, with more specificity, as opposed to something very general.

For me the election is going to come down to personality/leadership style because the basic policies are going to be the same no matter which candidate gets the democrat nomination. And the Republican nominee could very likely be someone completely insane. I may have to join Yee in abstaining, although I usually do not condone such an approach to our sacred individual liberties.

Maybe I'll vote for Ross Perot. Is he running this year?

p.s. shame on you Dr. Scott. Shame on you.

v said...

I'm not quite sure what to think of my results. My top two on the Democratic side were Dodd and Edwards (which suprised me). On the Republic side, it was Romney and Guiliani.