Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lance's Evil Twin

Beware this educated, internationally traveling, francophonic murderer--he is wicked fast on a mountain bike:

He allegedly shot and killed an armored car guard leaving a Phoenix movie theater three years ago, took about $56,000 in cash, and then sped away on a mountain bike.

(emphasis added)

Don't cops have cars?  Is Phoenix the kind of town where a mountain biker really could beat a car?

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Anonymous said...

I would totally love to defend my hometown at this point, but in a city where drive by shootings don't lead on the news anymore, it's kind of hard to do. Also, depending on where he was and what the traffic was like, a mountain bike totally could beat a car. If, say, he went on I-10 at 4:59 and the cops didn't follow until 5, the entire thing would be a parking lot and the bike could get away between the cars.