Monday, March 16, 2009

First Movies

The earliest movie I can remember seeing is the 1987 classic Predator.  After that, the first two movies I can remember watching were Michael Keaton's venerable Beetle Juice from 1988 and Bill Murray's 1984 effort, Ghost Busters.  The first movie I saw in the theater was the inimitable Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The first Disney movie I can remember seeing is 1991's Beauty and the Beast, tho I might have seen Terminator 2 in theaters first.  I'm also pretty sure I saw 1992's Aladdin in the theaters.  The first Disney movie I remember owning is still my favorite, 1994's Lion King.  (I asked for the Super Nintendo game for my birthday, but my parents got confused and bought me the movie instead.  Ah well: all's well that ends well.  The movie is a classic and the game is forgotten.)  Maybe this is weird, but the two scariest movies I remember from growing up are Dumbo and Fantasia.  I'm still afraid of drunk elephants and dancing broomsticks.

Come to think of it, the only kids movie I watched much of before Lion King was Scruffy.

What about y'all?  What's the first movie you remember seeing?


Justin said...

First movie in the theater:

The Land Before Time...1.

Yep, I was there in the beginning.

Jeremy Masten said...

Wow. I remember watching The Land Before Time III at my next door neighbor's house and thinking it was awesome. I heard a rumor you can't even buy the first part in the series these days, that it's fallen into the wasteland of pre-DVD movies that haven't made it to DVD yet. (Come on, if Beetle Juice is on DVD, why isn't TLBT?)

Pope said...

I'm told the first movie I "attended" was the original Star Wars... But I still had three months before I was born.

Other than that, I've no clue what my first movie was... in the theater or otherwise. I grew up watching them.

Erik said...

Awesome...Land Before Time 1 was the first movie I saw in theaters...sadly, I was scared and cried the whole time...