Thursday, March 19, 2009

This One's for President Scott

The Sporting News, via Yahoo!, published a story by Richard Justice, who writes for the Houston Chronicle.  So maybe he's just rubbing it in our face.  (But let's face it---Astros and Rangers fans don't hate each other like Cubs and White Sox fans.  The only thing we've ever done to them was steal an almost over the hill Nolan Ryan back in 1988 or whenever.)  Or maybe he genuinely understands what it means to be a Rangers fan.  Some quotes:
To be a fan of the Texas Rangers is to live in your own peculiar sports hell.

. . . 

[E]very franchise has had its bad moments.

The thing that separates the Rangers from pretty much every other MLB franchise is that they keep making bad decisions.  Year after year.  Generation after generation.

. . . 

In 37 years, the Rangers have won just one playoff game.  That was their very first one---on Oct. 1, 1996. . . . Under general manager Doug Melvin and manager Johnny Oates, the Rangers made the playoff three times in four years.

Those were the great years.  

I think it's important to note that he says "the great years" and not "some good years."  The article then delves into the great ownership of Tom Hicks, including his deals to get Alex Rodriguez and Chan Ho Park before concluding with the words that every Rangers fan wants to read and believe and hope:

Maybe Hicks has learned his lesson.

Yes, and maybe this is the year we beat the Nationals in the World Series.


Justin said...

Ah, spring. When kings go off to war and hope blooms eternal for baseball fans.

Thanks for yanking my chain during grand jury today. I always need people to keep me on my toes.

Jeremy Masten said...

Who better to keep you on your toes than a fellow Fall 2006 starter who loves the Rangers?

Besides, I knew you could handle it. And handle it you did, amazingly.

Did you already know about Slap Baby? My D.A. didn't.

Alan said...

Oh, if Tom Hanks really owned the Texas Rangers. We'd have a payroll to rival the Yankees'!

I think you may be looking for Tom Hicks.

Jeremy Masten said...

Duly noted, A-Rob, duly noted. And duly corrected.

Does anybody know if Tom Hanks is interested?