Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sawliet, Sawliet, Sawliet!

One of my favorite things to tell The Missus is that life is too short to be in a hurry.  Like many of my friends, I want to know how LOST ends, but reading this post on Lostpedia got me thinking about enjoying the present on LOST (whenever that is).  Here's a good sum-up quote:
Too many of us complain that there aren’t enough answers being given, and that there are too many questions popping up. But it is a mystery show, after all. Learn to love the questions.

Will Sawyer and Juliet end up together?  Who's the real bad guy, Ben or Widmore?  When will Walt come back?  I don't know the answers, but I have guesses.  (Yes, Jack, and Season 6.)  And right now it's a lot of fun to talk to other people about what they think the answers are.  I think when the show ends, we'll miss that part of the LOST experience.


Nathan said...

I'm still waiting to learn why the statue had only 4 toes.

Jeremy Masten said...

The best theory I've heard has now been debunked. You remember how Sawyer stepped on something with his bare feet a few episodes ago? Well, the theory was that Sawyer's foot gets infected, and they have to amputate his toe. Then they get flashed into prehistoric times, where he is received like a god. Therefore, the prehistoric folk build a statute in honor of him, four toes and all.

Erik said...

Walt can't come back....he's too busy eating Tyson chicken nuggets