Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Female of the Species Is Deadlier Than the Male

So I'm reading for criminal law when I come across these startling statistics. In 1984, 90% of female homicide victims were killed by men, and 1/3 were known to have been killed by their husbands or boyfriends (not counting the unknowns!). I don't want to take away from that statistic's power, but I want to point out that in most movies (that I've seen) involving murder and adultery, it is the wife murdering the hussy or vice-versa. As an example, right now, on ABC's Ugly Betty, one of the background plots involves the hussy planning to kill the husband. (It's actually not revealed yet, but that's this seasoned TV viewer's theory.) Why is Hollywood so backward on this?

Does anybody have any thoughts?

By the way, put this in your box of horrible, misguided, and confused quotes that make you so glad to be living in the 21st century (especially if you're like me and love strong women):

Jealousy is the rage of a man, and adultery is the highest invasion of property.*

What? I would hate a wife who viewed herself as my property. (And I'm not talking in the touchy-feely, end-of-Breakfast at Tiffany's kinda way.) I just like women who respect themselves and men who respect women. No baby factories for me.

* Regina v. Mawgridge [1707] Kel. 1, 117, reprinted in 84 Eng. Rep. 1107

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Ramblin' Texan said...

So it just bugs the hell out of me that he says that the laws benefit the men because the judges are men. Didn't they make the laws based on what they saw in practice and what they saw was 99% of murders where committed by males and there were bunches that were in the heat of passion? So it's not that they were made only to work for men but that they were created in response to a condition most often caused in men but in the cases of women who flip out and kill in a rage (think, houston women runs over husband six times in hotel parking lot) will also give them a reduced sentance for losing their cool in a impassioned circumstance.

Then I realize that I'm just being picky because it's Monday and I am paying to hear someone misrepresent how the law came about. Then I realize that he knows way more than me and I would look like an idiot speaking up and nit-pickin and so I just sit there and pretend to read the case again..... friggin mondays