Friday, January 05, 2007

An Evolutionist Evolves

I usually stay away from metablogging*, but I read a very interesting article in Newsweek. The article talks about an evolutionist marrying a creationist and how it changed her stereotype of creationists. I fall somewhere between an evolutionist and a creationist, because I don't think they're mutually exclusive. (In fact, I find some evidence of evolution even in the Bible, but that's for a different day.) The real reason I posted a link to the article is because it offers me hope. Our nation has fallen into this rut of closed-mindedness, both among liberals and among conservatives. The problem has fallen more heavily on liberals because many don't even recognize their own closed-mindedness. We can't all marry people with diametrically opposite beliefs, but we can at least try to be friends with them and refuse to condemn their beliefs, even if we don't think they deserve merit.

* Metablogging is blogging is about blogs or other internet media.


Anonymous said...

Hey Waco, my favorite "townie," (joke), I enjoy the law school for that specific reason. It is nice to deal with those of different worldviews, as it leads to very interesting conversations, especially when the topic turns to which town has the best pizza (Chicago, of course)!

I look forward to more discourse

Thomas said...

I think most liberals are becoming more closed-minded because Republicans are no longer basing their opinions on facts.