Thursday, January 04, 2007

You Can't Always Get What You Want

So last night, I finished my third book of Christmas Break: John Grisham's The Partner. I've grown a little tired of the hypertech thrillers à la Dan Brown (especially Deception Point)*, and while this book wasn't so bad about the hypertech, it wasn't free of it either. The story, however, is an interesting story. A junior partner at a law firm in Mississippi steals $90 million (fraudulently obtained in a lawsuit against the federal government) and deposits himself in Brazil. He's found and tortured, but he still comes back to the win the day. (I hope that's not too big a spoiler . . .)

The best parts about the book were two major ones: the last chapter (adds a whole new level of depth to an otherwise characteristically Grisham book) and the inner struggle in the reader to decide whether you like the protagonist or not. Toward the end, Grisham seems to test you: Did you give up and condemn Mr. Lanigan? It's an enjoyable book, but I'd only give it a 3 out of 5.

Other than that, the book indulges Grisham's old escapist dreams, much like The Firm (I highly recommend that one) and The Street Lawyer.

* Note--I really like Dan Brown's novels, I admit it. And the second his new novel hits the shelves, I'm on it. If it ever hits the shelves . . .

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RG said...

I read The Firm, The Client, and one other John Grisham I don't remember the title of any more... the one where the lawyer has to go into the jungle to find the heir to the old guy who "jumps off" the building to keep from giving his money to his gold digging family. Was that The Testament?

The Firm exhausted me. It felt like it had about 8 climaxes, so by the time I got to the end I was exhausted. I think that was the first Grisham I ever read, and I credit/blame it for my continued distrust of large firms.