Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It is what it is--no more, no less.

Each year, the English faculty at Michigan's Lake Superior State University publish a list of words that ought to be banished from English usage.  I hope you like it.  Here's a taste (the site gives more commentary):

  • "post-9/11"
  • "X is the new Y"
  • "Black Friday" (used in reference to the Friday after Thanksgiving)
  • "sweet"
  • "decimate"

And last--and the title of this post--"It is what it is."  Said one commentator:

This pointless phrase, uttered initially by athletes on the losing side of a contest, is making its way into general use. It accomplishes the dual feat of adding nothing to the conversation while also being phonetically and thematically redundant.

And in light of my penchant for overusing jokes--it is what it is.


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