Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampsha

Everyone else has jumped into the fray, so too dive I.  I haven't decided whom I'm supporting in February much less November, but I have decided at least two people for whom I will not campaign:

  • Romney -- It's really pretty simple: I like immigration, and he doesn't.  (I'm not a one-issue guy, but this is a big one for me.)
  • Clinton -- I have a problem with presidential candidates who are arrogant members of the Good Ol' Boys Club and run on the coattails of former presidents with the same name.  For some reason, that sounds familiar . . .

That's all I know.  I hope you enjoyed the New Hampshire primary.  If you weren't a poli sci major like me, please don't be deceived by all these people who claim they know who will be nominated next summer.  If Iowa and New Hampshire told us anything, they told us that there's no telling who will be on each ticket come next November.

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