Friday, March 14, 2008

Aaron the Side of Caution

The Oceanic Six are: Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sayid, Hurley, and Aaron.  At least that's my theory.  Unlike this guy, I don't think the press would focus too heavily on the passenger manifest:

Didn't earlier Lost promos state that by the end of episode 7, we'd know every member of the Oceanic 6?  If so, does that mean that Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6? . . . This, then, brings up the question of the passenger manifest.  Aaron's name wouldn't have been on it.  But, and I'm going to need some help on this, parents don't have to buy a ticket or reserve a seat for infant children, right?  Couldn't this be the reasoning for Aaron not showing up on the manifest?  Wouldn't this be enough to appease the press when the Oceanic 6 returned to the mainland?

Here's my theory:the press wouldn't care about the manifest.  At least not as much as they'd care about telling everybody about Little Survivor Baby Aaron.  Jack told us that eight people survived the crash, but only six could be rescued.  Maybe Claire is one of those two, and Kate adopted Aaron.  Or maybe something else.  I can at least say this: I don't think the passenger manifest is the issue some people thinks it is.

There.  I said it.  Next mystery.


Justin said...

Your list is missing Sun, my friend.

I agree with the questions regarding Aaron's status as a member of the Oceanic Six, because Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (executive producers)explicitly said that we would know every member of the Oceanic Six after this past episode.

The list, in my mind, looks something like this: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun.

Jeremy Masten said...

Ah yes. Ahem. Thank you. There is only one Aaron. Unless Aaron is code for Sayid . . .

Jeremy Masten said...

Ahem. I mean "code for Sun."

Spring Break is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Of course someone would look at the manifest -- it would be such a hot topic, that someone would think to look -- even if it was just some junior high kid stuck in study hall.

In thinking about this (and neglecting the fact that we suposedly know all of the Oceanic 6 now), I pondered that "Aaron" in the future is not the same Aaron that we know and love in the present. What if Kate really is pregnant and has a kid and names in Aaron after Claire's Aaron.

I admit it's far-fetched...but hey it's LOST.


Justin said...


Something else to think that we know Michael is still alive, could he be the final member due to the aforementioned problems with Aaron not appearing on the manifest for Oceanic 815?

We do not have any footage showing Michael off the island/freighter in the form of flashforwards, but as Jennie said, "I admit it's far fetched...but hey, it's LOST."

Jeremy Masten said...

I stand by my theory. It's not "The Oceanic Six Plus the Little Baby They Rescued." People would know about it, but it would be one of those asterisks in history, like where exactly Columbus landed.

Anonymous said...

Justin -- I hope and pray that we will not have to put up with Michael for another 2.5 seasons.
~ jennie