Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So sad, but so true

Joe Posnanski, a journalist who covers the K.C. Royals (the team we fought with for most of last season for the worst record in the AL), wrote this limerick about America's Texas's Waco's my team.  So sad, but so true . . .

The search goes on for a pitch panacea
Chan Ho, Loaiza, now Vincent Padilla
The lineups, quite sadly
even with Milton Bradley
Lose 10-8 and get the idea

Anybody remember that weekend or so last year when Johan Santana struck out 18 Rangers, then we smashed the Orioles 30-3?

Yeah . . . too true . . .


Justin said...

Reading fine material like this makes me wonder why my parents didn't pull me away from the television on those summer nights when I began cheering on the Rangers.

The addiction began, and now it cannot be stopped.

Jeremy Masten said...

My parents encouraged it. First, I was a Blue Jays fan, then an A's fan, but by the age of 10, my father had stamped out any ferver I could have for any other team. I blame it on him and Kevin Brown's 21-win season. Classic bait-and-switch and I fell for it.