Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why I recommend "The Martian Child: A Novel About A Single Father Adopting A Son"

by David Gerrold

I got this book because I loved the movie. Be aware that the storylines are very different, except that they share the same basic premise. While the movie focuses on the relationship between David and Dennis, especially on the changes wrought in Dennis, the book looks introspectively at Dennis’s effect on David. As an aspiring writer and one who hopes one day to be a parent, I especially enjoyed the insights into both writing and parenting. It’s a fascinating book, and I highly recommend it. Maybe this quote sums it all up:

Explanations are useless. Explanations do not change facts. They do not make facts better. Explanations are the booby prize. You can have all the explanations you want in the world. They do not change what’s so.

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