Sunday, March 02, 2008

Can she explain irony?

Three of my favorite things--irony, grammar, and Lost--come together in this from one of the many interpretive sites:

Explain the Lorentz Invariant for we English majors

Now, I don't want to get too technical, but I can tell you this: English majors modifies we, which is the object of the preposition for.  So the correct pronoun is the objective pronoun us.  I'd be willing to bet that she said "we English majors" because she thought it sounded right.

But between you and I, it's not.  I'm so bad.


Anonymous said...

Actually, "we English majors" is a predicate nomnative. Therefore, we is correct. "Us" would be the prepositional pronoun which would take the place of "we English majors."

Anonymous said...

You must be pretty confident to correct someone anonymously. I think you meant to refer to a predicate nominative. Unfortunately, you don't understand what this means.

Quick lesson:

A predicate nominative "renames" the subject of the sentence. One tip is that if you can change the verb to "equal(s)" then it is a predicate nominative.

For example:
English majors are students who care about grammar.
In this sentence, "majors" is your subject and "students" is your predicate nominative.

I am with Jeremy on this one.

Craig said...

Ha! Like anonymous, English mechanics have never been my strongest suit either, but maybe anonymous was trying to say that "we English majors" is an indirect object, "Lorentz Invariant" being the direct object of explain. Of course, I'm just a History major/J.D. who loves the English language but doesn't care so much about grammar. So I'm probably wrong.