Thursday, April 17, 2008

$ = (: ?

Abso-stinkin-lutely crazy.  A Wall Street Journal blog reports that a new study by economists shows that, even if money can't directly buy happiness, it can buy you the things that make you happy:

While research has also found that some of the things that make people happiest — short commutes, time spent with friends — have little to do with higher incomes, the article points out money can facilitate such things. It can allow trips to see relatives not seen in years or places never visited. (I’d say it could also help with commuting, allowing a comfortable home near work or taking a cab instead of bus, for example.) When you’re richer, the article says, you can decide to work less — and spend more time with your friends.

Doesn't this go against everything you've been taught at school and church since third grade?  It makes me question John & Paul's famous lament: "I don't care too much for money 'cause money can't buy me love."

But then I remember that I trust John & Paul more than I will ever trust an economic study to light the hall to happiness.

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