Monday, April 14, 2008

This just in: North = South

There are some things you never expect to hear.  Like this:

Our pitching kept us in the games but our offense isn't getting it done. We're not getting the back-to-back hits. We're frustrated right now.

Quoth the Ranger David Murphy.*  What?  Our pitching?  Our pitching hasn't kept us in games since the Kenny Rogers Era.  Maybe not since Kevin Brown won 21 in 1992.  But I can dig it.



*Ten points if you can name the allusion.


Shipp said...

Quoth the "Rangers," "Nevermore"

Searcey said...


I warned you about tonight's game. I was only a few runs off from my 9-3 prediction. I blame the home plate umpire for ruining my chances. He foolishly called a 3rd strike on a clear ball during the top of the 8th with the bases loaded.


P.S. Jason Jennings is HORRIBLE!

Jeremy Masten said...

You're just a pessimist, Searcey. Your negativity can't infect my happiness.

But I won't deny that Jennings has been . . . disappointing.