Friday, April 18, 2008

Deadball Era II

There's something strange going on in Major League Baseball this year.  I haven't done the math, but it really seems like a lot more pitchers are throwing complete games.  That's probably because they're throwing fewer pitches per game, which probably has something to do with the Mitchell Report.  Now I'm just spitballing here . . .

Last night had a great game.  Rockies 2, Padres 1, after 22 innings:

Let's play 2½!


Colorado and San Diego did just that Thursday night and into Friday morning, slogging through a 22-inning game that was the longest in the majors in nearly 15 years.

Elsewhere in the recap, it notes that the game lasted 6 hours and 16 minutes.  That's the longest in Padres history by innings (it missed longest by time by one minute) and the longest in Rockies history anyway you count it.

Since I love pitching, it looks like it'll be a great year!

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