Saturday, April 19, 2008

Go Spurs Go

SanAntonioSpursABAlogoWe were playing a card game at my in-laws' last night, and my wife and her brother were being sore losers.  No big deal, but it got me thinking about how long-time Rangers fans don't have a choice but to learn how to be good losers.  We make fan-lives out of "maybe next time."

That's why I've come to love the Spurs this year.  I first liked the Spurs because I love the city of San Antonio.  But it doesn't hurt that they actually win games.  Like today's game.  I can't often refer to games in which my teams play as "heartbreakers" and smile.

By the way, I look forward to the Spurs beating the Hornets in the quarters.

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ALV said...

Was that snarky little "by the way" entirely necessary? Hrmph.

I look forward to both of MY teams rallying and moving forward, leaving your Spurs-fan-butt kicked. :)