Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Go Spurs Go II

Please forgive me.  I'm trying not to be a sore winner, but I've only rooted for a winning team once.  But my team . . . woo!!  102-96 puts us up 2-0!

I apologize to Suns and Mavs fans, but . . . I was rooting for the Raptors, the Flames, and the Capitals.  Not mention--cough, cough--the Rangers.

So the way I see it, my (sports) life sucks more than yours.

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ALV said...

I dunno... you've got a low winning team success percentage, but since the Mavs and (secondarily) the Suns are the ONLY teams I passionately root for, mine is lower. :(

It's a sad night to be me. Sigh. Oh well, they'll both turn it around at home, right? Right?