Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

I try to follow Waco politics, especially who represents the 17th Texas in D.C., but I have just now learned the name of Chet Edwards's opponent in November: Rob Curnock*.  Today, we learned that Edwards is leading Curnock in funding by about $1,221,999.  As of that posting, Edwards had raised $1,288,190 to Curnock's $6,191.  I learned in my undergrad poli sci classes that experts call that an "uphill battle."  But that's OK with Mr. Curnock:

"If my opponent wants to ignore me all the way through November that is fine. That is perfect,” he [told Waco Trib reporter David Doerr]. “We’re doing what we’re doing and he can do what he does, which is bring in all the money he brings in and to do his thing. But we are going to be an issue based campaign and that is what we are going to base the campaign on through the fall.”

I'm not really sure what that means, but Republicans are sick and tired of a Republican president being represented by a long-time Democrat.  Wait--that won't be an issue in November.


*Note to self--When running for Congress against a 9-term congressperson, make sure Wikipedia is not the first site Google returns.


Alan said...

But what if Alan Keyes is his campaign manager...

...darn the luck!! Keyes defected to the Constitution Party.

Jonathan Swanburg said...

The man is a minimalist. You have to have faith in a candidate whose entire "Early Years" section reads:

"Born in Chicago and attended Baylor University in 1981."